Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Daily Candy hearts weddings

I'm pretty happy to see a plethora of wedding information coming out of Daily Candy lately -- two emails in the past week alone! Their wedding section has been awfully quiet since August, so it's nice to see more posts from them, especially since Daily Candy usually has a more indie vibe to its features that other wedding sites don't often suggest.

Please keep 'em coming, Candy!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The ledger has landed

Fresh off a relaxing weekend in Miami with some of my favorite ladies, I am happy to report that Oxon Hill Manor has FINALLY received their 2012 ledger and we are now penciled in for Friday, May 18, 2012 (we'll be "penned" in once they cash our security deposit and file our completed rental form).

There were a few hems and haws from doubters out there who teased us for picking a date so far in advance. You still don't believe me that things book up unbelievably fast around here? Well, another bride came in to Oxon Hill Manor's events office early this morning and booked May 19, 2012 -- the day after the date we were holding out for. Another Saturday in that month is also already off the table for a wedding. And the crazy thing is that the 2012 ledger arrived just this morning. 

I believe I've made my point. Moving along.

I'm relieved and happy to get started with the nitty and the gritty of planning. Now that I have an actual date to tell vendors, I can actually start meeting with them to discuss products and services and sign some contracts. The wedding ball is officially rolling!