Friday, December 3, 2010

The hottest honeymoons, according to Jetsetter

Stumbled upon this post on Jetsetter's blog from back in October about the 5 hottest honeymoons for 2011.

Listed among the locations are French Polynesia -- essentially my dream escape of secluded, luxury, thatched-roof suites on pillars above crystal clear waters -- and an African safari, which I have yet unsuccessfully convinced my fiancĂ© Andrew is a great idea (as he succinctly puts it, "Things die in Africa").

Hopefully these two regions don't blow up among the touristy set and become overrun by 2012, although safaris are already quickly becoming the new "alternative"/"adventure" vacation, a title that Costa Rica and Belize once occupied before becoming more mainstream. I want my seclusion!

Ali and Chris's wedding featured in Martha Stewart Real Weddings!

My super-sweet friend Ali married her college sweetheart Chris back in April, and I've been going to Ali for wedding ideas and vendor suggestions since then. She's really been an inspiration to me in my own planning, and I have to say that her style and attention to detail resulted in one of (if not the) cutest, most creatively designed weddings I've ever seen.

Apparently, Martha Stewart thinks so as well!

Ali and Chris's wedding has been highlighted in the Martha Stewart Weddings website's "Real Weddings" feature. Congrats to both of you for being so Martha Stewart-fabulous! :)

Check out the inspired color schemes, decorations, and photography -- courtesy of exceptional photographer Kate Headley -- right here!